Golf For A Cause

Welcome to "Golf for a Cause" - Where Every Swing Counts

Welcome to our community at “Golf for a Cause,” a platform where your love for golf meets a deeper purpose. Inspired by the courageous life of Terri Large, who valiantly battled cancer until Thanksgiving 2011, “Golf for a Cause” isn’t just about the game; it’s about playing with a mission.

Who We Are

Who We Are: Founded by individuals who believe in the transformative power of sports and community, “Golf for a Cause” is more than an app—it’s a movement. Our platform is a tribute to Terri’s spirit, embodying the belief that every stroke on the golf course can contribute to a greater cause. Our mission is twofold: to support cancer awareness initiatives and to nurture the next generation of golfers.

What to Expect

Upon joining our app, you’ll be introduced to a world of golfing that’s enriched with purpose and camaraderie. Here’s what our platform offers:

1. Single Play

2. Friendly Play

3. Monthly Play

4. Competitive Tournaments:

5. Community and Connection

6. Giving Back

Join Our Cause

As you tee off with “Golf for a Cause,” you’re not just playing a game—you’re part of a larger narrative, one that honors bravery, fosters community, and transforms lives, one swing at a time. Whether you’re here to improve your game, compete, connect, or contribute, your participation makes a world of difference.
Together, let’s drive towards a future where every swing brings hope, and every game celebrates life. Join us, and let’s make each shot count!
With gratitude and excitement, Kederio Ainsworth Founder, Golf for a Cause