Golf For A Cause


Golf for a Cause is a mobile app that combines the love of golf with charitable giving. Inspired by a personal story, it aims to support cancer awareness and youth golf programs.
Our app offers various features like Single Play, Friendly Play, and Monthly Play, allowing golfers to track their scores, compete in our semifinals and finals each year, and contribute to charitable causes.
Participants can enter our tournaments through the app. Qualifying details, tournament schedules, and entry requirements are all available within the app interface.
We support cancer awareness charities/foundations and youth golf initiatives. Specific details about the charities we partner with can be found on our website and app.

Businesses interested in sponsorship opportunities can contact us directly through our website. Sponsorship benefits include brand visibility on our app and at events.
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There is no subscription fee for the mobile app. Scorecards are available for purchase on the app for monthly play and our tournament.
Donations can be made directly through the app or our website. All contributions go towards our affiliated charities and foundations.
Absolutely! Golf for a Cause is designed for golfers of all skill levels. The app provides various features to enhance your golfing experience, regardless of your expertise.
Yes, we regularly organize community events and meetups. Information about upcoming events can be found on our app and website.

Our branded merchandise is available here. A portion of all sales goes towards our charitable cause.

Open Play is scheduled during the finals event, but it happens on a different day and course, offering a unique golfing experience separate from the main competition.

The aim of Open Play is to provide a platform for golfers to meet, connect, and play with others in the Golf for a Cause community. It’s also an event that contributes to our charitable mission, allowing participants to golf for a cause.

In addition to being held during our final tournament event, Open Play is also announced on random occasions throughout the year. These events are great opportunities for our community members to gather, play, and contribute to a good cause.
Open Play is open to any golfer who wants to engage in a friendly round of golf. It’s an excellent opportunity for those who didn’t qualify for the semi-finals or finals, or for any golfer looking to enjoy the sport in a relaxed setting.