Golf For A Cause

Tournament Rules

1. Register Tournament Scorecards

Purchase 4 scorecards for $100 (purchase in the GFC app.) Completion of 2 scorecards qualifies the player for potential selection to the semi-finals.

2. Scorecard Purchase & Early Bird Special (Purchase in the GFC app):

Early Bird Special: Purchase scorecards in February 2024. Regular Purchase Period: March 1st, 2024, to July 21, 2024

3. Mandatory Course Requirement: Play at 70+ Par Golf Clubs Only

4. Player Eligibility and Teams

The scorecards for the GFC Tournament require a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 4 players per scorecard. To invite a player to join your scorecard, they must have an active GFC account and have purchased 4 scorecards.

5. Maximum Purchase for GFC Tournament Scorecards:

Participants are limited to purchasing a maximum of 4 scorecards specifically for the GFC tournament. No additional scorecards beyond this limit will be available for purchase. It's important to note that scorecards bought for the GFC monthly play do not count towards the GFC tournament.

6. Tournament Timeline

The tournament runs from March 1st to July 31st. The top 175 golfers from the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's groups will be selected for the semi-finals by August st. No GFC tournament scorecards can be purchased after July 21st . Players can purchase scorecards in February during the early bird registration with a discount.

7. Qualifying for Semi-Finals

Complete 2 rounds of golf to qualify. Incomplete or fewer scorecards will not be eligible for the semifinals and finals. Selected semi-finalists will be contacted by a Golf for a Cause representative to discuss rules, terms, conditions, and any queries. (Requirement: if advancing to the semifinals, each qualifying golfer must contribute $50 for the oversight of a GFC representative to watch them play)

8. Semi-Finals Schedule

August 2024 - September 2024

9. Final’s Selection

9 semifinalists will advance to the finals (3 players will be placed in groups A,B & C)

10. Las Vegas Final Tournament

Two-day final tournament set for October 2024, taking place in Las Vegas.

11. Open Play

Players who purchase a GFC scorecard will also have the opportunity to register for the Open Play Tournament (in the case the player does not qualify for semifinals and finals), which takes place at the same location as the finals. For detailed information about Open Play, please visit the help section in the app and navigate to "Open Play. Limited number of players can attend.

12. Rewards:

The ultimate GFC winner receives the coveted Golf for a Cause Champion Ring along with additional prizes. "Open Play tournament participants are eligible for various rewards. "Exclusive acknowledgments and prizes are designated for a cancer survivor or an impacted family, and a rising young golfer

Additional Information:

For more information about the GFC Final Tournament please go to the Help Section in the GFC App and navigate to the GFC Tournament.


The aim is for each participant to play their own ball throughout the round, counting all strokes, with the ultimate goal of completing the course with the fewest strokes possible.

  • Players must accurately record the number of strokes taken on each hole.
  • The total number of strokes will be tallied at the end of the round to determine each player’s score

Players will be assigned specific tee times. It is crucial to arrive at the tee at least 10-15 minutes before your scheduled start.

  • Local rules and any modifications specific to the event will be communicated before play commences.
  • Maximum Score per Hole: To ensure the pace of play, a maximum score limit per hole may be implemented (e.g., double par).

Participants are expected to maintain a good pace and keep up with the group ahead. Penalties for slow play may be enforced.

Any disputes or requests for rulings should be addressed with the assistance of event officials promptly.

All players are expected to adhere to golf etiquette and demonstrate sportsmanship at all times.

Upon completing your round, promptly sign and return your scorecard to the designated scoring area.

The competition focuses on selecting players for the semifinals based on their performance.

All participants are contributing to a greater cause. Let’s enjoy the game of golf and make a positive impact through our participation in the Goal Achiever Golf for a Cause event.


To partake in the GFC Skins Tournament, a player must:

  • Register via the GFC mobile application.
  • Note: While 2-3 players can track their progress and earn Skin Dollars, a minimum of 4 players, recorded on the same scorecard, is required to qualify for earning Skin Dollars.

Skin Dollars are earned based on performance during the tournament, as detailed below:

  • Tracking Scores: Players can log their scores hole-by-hole via the GFC app, which automatically calculates skins. Alternatively, scores can be entered manually post-round along with the total number of skins won.
  • Score Submission: The scorecard creator (a designated player) is responsible for entering each participant’s final score and personal identification number (PIN), provided by each player, into the app. Once scores and skins are verified by all players, Skins Dollars are credited to each player’s profile.
  • Winning Skins: A skin is awarded to the player with the lowest score on a hole (par or better). If no player achieves par or better, the skin rolls over to the next hole, cumulatively increasing the skin value until a player scores par or lower.

    – Example: If no player scores par or below through 11 holes, but on the 12th, one player achieves par while others do not, the winning player is awarded 12 skins.

  • Ties: If players tie for the lowest score on a hole, no skins are awarded for that hole.
  • Maximum Earnings: The maximum number of Skins Dollars a player can earn in an 18-hole round is 18.
  • 2x Skins: The player with the most skins will receive two times the amount of skins and will be highlighted for their achievement  on the final and confirmed scorecard.

   – Example: Player 3 received 6 skins, more skins then all players on the GFC scorecard. Player 3 will receive two times the amount of skins, 12 skins will go toward player 3 skin dollars.

Players can redeem Skins Dollars for rewards within the GFC app:

  1. Navigate to the player profile.
  2. Select “ Skin $” option to view the total earned.
  3. Redeemable items are listed for players who have accumulated enough Skin Dollars.
  • Primary Method: Skins Dollars are directly earned based on individual performance on a scorecard.
  • Bonus Skins: The player with the most skins on a scorecard receives double the amount of Skins Dollars.

Upon redemption, a GFC representative will review and approve the transaction within 48-72 hours. Subsequently, instructions on how to claim the item will be emailed to the player.