Golf For A Cause

Single Play – Your Personal Golf Journey with Golf for a Cause

At “Golf for a Cause,” we understand that every golfer has a unique journey. That’s why we’re excited to spotlight our Single Play feature, a mode that’s all about personal progress, solitary challenges, and the satisfaction of seeing your own game evolve, all while contributing to meaningful causes.

What is Single Play?

Single Play is a tailored experience within our app designed for individual golfers who enjoy tracking their personal progress. It’s a journey of self-improvement, focus, and dedication, offering a space to measure your growth as a golfer, round by round.

Features of Single Play :

1. Personal Score Tracking

2. Quiet Competition

3. Flexible Play

Why Embrace Single Play?

Tips for Maximizing Your Single Play Experience

Join the Single Play Community

While Single Play is about your personal journey, you’re never alone. You’re part of a community of golfers all playing their own games, but united in a common cause. So, grab your clubs, head to your favorite course, and embark on your Single Play journey today.
Remember, every stroke is a step towards personal achievement and a stride towards helping others.